Insulation with polyurethane foam

We provide modern roof insulation with polyurethane foam with the latest equipment, which results in a high-quality, solid, warm and tight product. We not only perform spraying work, but also all preparatory work before spraying, i.e. such as coverings of protected parts, raising the rafters to the required amount of foam, twisting and installation of metal or wooden frames, etc. Also, after coating the roof with polyurethane foam, we never leave unfinished work for the customer. If the roof or overlay is insulated with open-cell polyurethane, it is recommended to cover it with a film to prevent steam and moisture from absorbing into the polyurethane. If you wish, we may cover the appropriate areas with a film, seal, glue the sealing films and leave the roof or overlay to the customer fully prepared for the tightness test and further works.